How to Play Cockfighting to Win

How to Play Cockfighting to Win

How to Play Cockfighting to Win – Cockfighting is also a very profitable game. where two cockfighting face each other and ready to fight if you win you are very lucky. There are several tips and tricks for playing this one game, make sure you have to read and understand everything that is explained in this article so that you can win the game and get big profits.

1. The trick to winning the first cockfighting is that you have to know the various names for the types of strokes in online chickens, including:

– Battering / Punching (Fighting cocks keep hitting non-stop and rarely avoid their opponent’s punches)
– Lower Technique (commonly called the intruder type rooster, often avoiding punches from his                     opponent because it will get into his opponent’s wings)
– Running Horse
– Sawhorse
– Hit Roll
– It smiles
– Control (Chicken follows his opponent’s movement)
– Ngalung (Chicken moves to lock his opponent’s neck movement)
– Pattern (Chicken fights wild fighting in the sense of attacking all directions aggressively but quickly           running out of energy)
– Mranggal (Chickens rely on blows from the wings, not pecking with the beak)
– Ngoloyor (Cock fighting uses hitting and running techniques, turning back hitting)
– Jack (Chicken that inserts his head between his opponent’s legs so that his opponent is less balanced        and then makes a punch)
– Dobrak (Chicken that attacks between the legs of his opponent)

2. How to win the second cockfighting is to learn the various styles for online cockfighting attacks.

The results of the genetic cross-fusion of fighting chickens from various types of Bangkok chicken include:

– Bangkok Burmese Chicken
– Local / Indonesian Bangkok Chicken
– Bangkok Thai chicken
– Bangkok Vietnamese chicken
– Bangkok Filipine Chicken

There are many types of fighting cock breeds, so there are also many new online cockfighting style fighting techniques, so that the cockfighting game is not monotonous like in the past but is now increasingly stylish and prestigious.

3. The third technique to win cockfighting online is to find out the history of chicken matches beforehand, tips are quite effective to use because they can determine you will install in the maron or wala position.


4. The trick to winning the fourth online cockfighting is knowing the type of fight that is being played online cockfighting because there are several classes of types of fighting that are held such as:

* Cock Fight cock fighting
* Derby cock fight
* Cock fighting Cock Scales
* Cock Fasterst Kill cock fight
* Hack Fight cock fighting

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5. The fifth online chicken winning guide is to know the types of placing bets on online cockfighting such as:

* Post Banker or Maron or Red
* Install Player or Wala or Blue
* Install BDD The second series of dead chickens
* Install the FTD The series chicken remains alive

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